Our maritime tradition

We think in a maritime way

As the largest port on Germany’s North Sea coast, Bremerhaven has long been closely linked with the maritime and logistics industries. The container terminal with a riverside quay length of almost five kilometres is the fourth largest container handling facility in Europe. Each year some two million vehicles are imported and exported through the car terminal. The wind energy industry uses capacities of car carriers to transport rotor blades and other components.

The young offshore wind industry has made its home on the river Weser. It values this location because the expertise and experience of a port economy and a shipping industry can be found on Bremerhaven’s doorstep!

No matter whether it’s about waste disposal, port safety, pilotage, towage, mooring, or shipping agents – people here are used to working together and solving problems quickly and effectively. Around the clock!

Bremerhaven’s modern and efficient shipyard industry has also become specialised in repairs, conversions and special commissions such as supply ships and construction vessels. Offshore businesses benefit from this too.

Bremerhaven also enjoys an excellent seaward connection: over 100 scheduled services regularly use its container quay and overseas ports.

For the offshore wind industry, this location opens up all kinds of options for the shipping of turbine components, transformer substations and replacement parts. Engineers, assembly workers and safety personnel can also be taken out to sea regardless of wind and weather conditions.

An overview of the companies of the maritime industry in Bremerhaven can be found in our database "Maritime Directory".

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