Offshore Wind Port Bremerhaven

Offshore wind energy is at home in Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven set itself on the course to offshore power generation more than fifteen years ago. And with success! Today the city is a nationally and internationally recognized competence centre for the offshore wind energy sector in Germany.

For this to happen, the city has needed more than harbours capable of handling heavy loads. Its maritime strength, expertise in logistics, and an integrated plan have together built a solid foundation for Bremerhaven as the port for offshore wind energy!

Developing commercial land for manufacturers and suppliers next to waters deep enough for seagoing vessels has been as important as designating sites for test facilities and locating renowned research institutes here! Bremerhaven is where the industry meets and networks, and where tomorrow’s skilled workers become qualified to face the challenges of harnessing offshore wind to generate power.

In close cooperation with the local scientific institutions, Bremerhaven has started to become a leading competence center for "green" hydrogen.

In addition, the ideas and impulses of recent years have also found their way into the development of an approx. 150 hectare sustainable industrial park for the green economy

We offer the best of conditions: discover a location bursting with energy!